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TUNING TUBE* patent pending

The tuning tube generates sympathetic resonance, generating an overtone series in response to the sounds around it.Low sounds stimulate the fundamental of the tube which is based on its length. Higher sounds stimulate higher overtones which are based on whole number ratios of its length. In this way the surrounding noizes are reduced to the harmonic ratios of the overtone series, noise becomes harmony. This harmony is picked up by a microphone placed at a harmonic ratio of length within the tube.

Between the tube, and its microphone, and the "Cube" there must be some form of acoustical barrier which prevents the harmonized sound playing on the "Cube" from reaching the microphone and causing feedback. It could be a wall, a berm, distance, or an archi-tectural form of any kind.


Real-time playback introduces a harmonized version of reality back into the soundscape of the site. We use a specially designed "Cube" loudspeaker for this purpose for several reasons. It is made of cement, resistant wo weather,vandalism and theft. It has the special acoustic property of producing a hemispheric dome of sound, with no phase distortion. This couples with architectural elements as a "field" of sound rather than a beam.