Transforming the Sonic Identity of Public and Private space.
We live in the "Age of Noise", awash in an ever-growing orchestra of fossil-fueled devices, electric hums and buzzes, and electronic alarms. The sonic identity of our culture is very loud and random. Its time to tune this chaos, generated by the visually based culture, so that the sophisticated human hearing system does not have to go deaf in order to survive.


We are working to regain the information from the noise of our environment by musically filtering and playing it back in real-time. We are effecting the quality of our sound world, and trying to make humane harmonic environments. At this time we need harmony more than ever before.

First discovery of this principle: Rome, Trajan's Forum 1991 Use of ancient Roman Amphorae as resonating vessels to transform noise into musical atmosphere.

VISITOR RESPONSES to installations indicate strong reactions and feelings about the sound world we live in. Here is a sampling from various installations.

HISTORY OF TUNING PROJECTS, HOW THEY EVOLVED from the first vocoded traffic in 1991, to current permanent installations there has been an evolution of thinking and approach to public soundscapes.
PERCEPTION OF MUSIC AND NOISE Neurologist Oliver Sacks tells us that noise and harmony are decoded by different parts of the brain. Is musical listening less stressful? Click to listen to the NPR show on Music Therapy

O+A PROJECT OVERVIEW We have been pursuing a gradual alteration of our sonic identy through" Sound Art" installations in public spaces. Over a period of 13 years we have made over 20 such tuning pieces in (for project descriptions click here)